Hi there!

Marissa Panganiban

resume + contact

Web, print, and digital designer for both B-to-B and B-to-C markets. Works well solo, in collaboration with an an agile team environment, or anything in between.

Clients include companies and organizations as varied as education, technology, energy, food, politics, media, and healthcare.

I’ve been developing websites since the wild wild west days of coding on Notepad. I’m increasingly focused on UX design, and I wireframe and prototype all my sites and email campaigns on Sketch and InVision (with a healthy dose of Zeplin because efficiency makes me happy).

I’ve been designing tradeshow signs, print ads, brochures, and business collateral since even before the days of InDesign (thank goodness we made the switch, amirite?)

Producing slide presentations, infographics, and social media marketing keeps things fun and interesting.

Fun fact: I’ve recently returned home to Chicago after three years of freelancing-while-traveling, two of which were spent in Italy, developing both a fluency in the language and a severe caffeine addiction.

If you're interested in using my skills or to request a portfolio, please don't hesitate to contact me... maybe grab a cappuccino?